Orlando Food Trucks and Rallies

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Orlando Food Trucks and RalliesThe newest trend in dining is no longer sitting down to a formal dinner. Diners are choosing a much more laid back experience of attending food truck rallies across the United States. Food trucks have become popular on television and Food Network even airs a Food Truck Challenge show.

The atmosphere at a food truck rally is much different than what one may find at a sit down restaurant. Oftentimes, these rallies are held with other fun-filled events such as a Hippie Fest, Car Show, Musical Show and or Outdoor Movie Theater. Guests are free to walk around at their own leisure exploring the many food trucks on display and ready to serve fresh food.

Most of these events occur over a four hour period of time and offer anywhere from 8-25 different food trucks to choose from. Some rallies are much larger and have over 100 food truck in participation. Each rally offers a wide variety of foods in which are sure to please everyone in your group! The food trucks normally feature artist drawings and creative names make the experience that much more fun for the whole family.

Some of the popular food trucks in Orlando area as follows; Audrey’s Punk Kitchen, The Batter Bowl Truck, Bistro Babe, The Brisket Bus, Café Rouge Express, Charlie’s Bakery Food Truck, The Crooked Spoon, Chimi King, Cluster Funk, Country Chuck Wagon, Curbside Chef, Dimples Delight, Electric Kitchen, The Flattery, Fro2go, Gator Country, Kona Dog, La Empanada, Louie’s Bistro, Melissa’s Chicken & Waffles, One Love Kitchen, Sunset Ice, The Swede Dish Truck, Taste Buds, The Taco Lady, Up in Smoke BBQ, Yum Yum Cupcake Truck and We All Scream.

Food trucks, and food truck rallies, are the perfect dining option for those whom are looking for a unique dining experience that is sure to please the whole family. Food trucks, and food truck rallies, offer diners a variety of meal options including appetizers, entrees and desserts. Diners are provided with designates areas in which to sit and eat and or they are free to walk around, exploring the event and its offerings while sampling a bite from one of the many food trucks.

The newest trend in dining, and restaurant entrepreneurship, is by far food trucks. Food trucks are mobile which makes it convenient for food to be traveled to desire locations, food trucks are affordable meaning products can be sold at reasonable prices and food trucks are fun and creative allowing individual food characteristics to shine through. Due to these three factors, food trucks are a perfect for both the seller and consumer.

If looking for a fun-filled, creative dining experience in which is sure to please everyone in your party, check out Orlando’s Food Truck Rally’s and Events

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