Best Head to Toe Care Tips for Traveling during Winter

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Best Head to Toe Care Tips for Traveling during WinterWinter is the time for Christmas and New Year! It is the time for enjoying yourself with family and friends! Winter is also the time when you need to take extra care of your hair and skin, especially if you are planning to go on a holiday. Our best head to toe care tips will ensure that you stay protected and look best during the winter holidays!

Best Winter Holiday Hair Care

• Wear a simple and natural hairstyle that is easy to maintain.
• If you use hair color, then color your hair a week before your travel.
• Carry all the necessary needs and accessories for your hair.
• Shampoo and condition your hair everyday to keep your hair fresh and clean.
• Use warm water to wash your hair.
• To protect your hair from freezing cold, spray some hairspray over the brush before combing.
• Cold wind or snow may cause damage to your hair, so wear a hat or cover your head with a stylish scarf before stepping out of your hotel room.
• Get a special head massage at the spa in your hotel.

Best Winter Holiday Skin Care

• Use warm water not hot water to have a bath.
• Moisturize your skin regularly.

Best Winter Holiday Face Care

• Use moisturizer before applying make up, to keep your skin supple.
• Keep make up to the minimal.
• Do not scrub very often, as it will damage your facial skin.
• Wash your face regularly.
• Get sufficient sleep to look and feel fresh.

Best Winter Holiday Eye Care

• Wear eyeglasses with UVA and UVB protection to protect your eyes from UV rays reflected by the snow.
• Use goggles while playing winter games.
• Keep eye drops handy to moisten dry eyes.

Best Winter Holiday Lip Care

• The first step to keep your lips protected in winter is not to lick it often.
• Use a good lip balm to moisten your lips.
• Drink lots of water to get naturally moistened lips.
• Rub your lips gently to exfoliate them.
• Apply petroleum jelly before going to sleep to heal dry and cracked lips.

Best Winter Holiday Hand Care

• Use a special winter hand cream to keep your hands protected from the harsh winter weather.
• Wear hand gloves for extra protection while spending time outdoors during your holiday.

Best Winter Holiday Foot Care

• Remember to moisturize your feet after shower.
• Wear the right shoes or insulated boots if you are going hiking in winter.
• Moisturize your feet and wear soft socks before going to bed to keep your feet protected during winter.
• Relax you foot with a special foot massage.

Best Winter Holiday Body Care

• Look for hotels that have spas to treat your whole body with warm and relaxing massages suitable for winter.
• Plan to spend your holiday in places like Orlando, Florida where the weather is just pleasant for a wonderful holiday and has numerous spas for a completely new winter holiday experience!

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