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Vacation Ideas for WomanPets are a part of our life and they are equally good in keeping company as humans! But when it comes to traveling, pets are like babies and we need to take that extra care while taking them on holidays. Here are the best tips to make your travel comfortable and enjoyable with your dear pet!


• Look for the best options to go on a holiday with your pet.

• Research on pet friendly destinations and hotels that allow pets.


• Preplan your trip well in advance to make your travel comfortable for you and your pet.

• Book travel tickets and hotel rooms, buy a travel friendly carrier and toys for your pet.

Prepare Your Pet for the Travel

• Make sure your pet has received proper vaccination.

• Check if your pet has any health problems and carry appropriate medication.

• Get a recent health certificate before travel.

• Train your pet well to socialize.

• Groom your pet before leaving for your holiday.

• Make sure your pet wears a current ID tag.

Travel by Ship

• If you are planning to go on a cruise with your pet, first, look for cruise ships that allow pets on board.

• There are a very few ships that allow pets to be taken along and some restrict them to private cabins or keep the pets in kennels. So contact the cruise ships to know more about their pet policies.

Travel by Plane

Air travel is the most preferred mode of travel in recent days as the facilities to fly with pets has advanced a lot. Here are a few tips for safe travel by air,

• Check for the airline pet policies before booking your ticket.

• Consider traveling by non-stop planes to avoid flight changes that might cause pet anxiety.

• Consider the weather before booking tickets.

• Exercise and comfort your pet once you arrive at the airport to help your pet relax and stay calm.

Travel by Car

• If you are planning to travel by car, consider the following tips,

• Do not allow your pet to stick its head out of the window.

• Try to take frequent breaks for food, water and potty breaks for your pet.

• Do not over feed your pet while traveling.

• Never leave your pet alone in the car.

• Use pet harness or kennels or pet car seats to restrain your pets.

• Make sure that any restraints you use are comfortable and safe for your pet.

Packing Needs

Pack all the essential items to make traveling enjoyable for your pet, like,

• Favorite food

• Water

• Toys

• Food & Water Bowls

• Pooper Scooper

• First Aid Kit

• Extra Collars

Safety Measures

• Make sure to keep an eye on your pet all the time.

• When you leave your pet in the hotel room while you are out, hang the ‘do not disturb’ tag, so that room service will avoid tapping the door. Also, inform the reception that you are leaving your pet in the room.

• Exercise your pet a lot to keep it active.

• Try not to do anything that will frighten your pet.

• Talk to them and encourage them a lot to enjoy the trip.

Follow all our tips and enjoy a great vacation with you dear pet! Here is a list of hotels in Orlando that allow your pets as guest.

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