An Exploration of Wekiwa Springs in Orlando Florida

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Wekiwa SpringsAs one of Florida’s only state, and federally, designated wildlife preserve and scenic river, Wekiwa Springs is a nature park offering trails, and other adventures, ideal for the whole family. Perhaps, take a break from the hustle, and bustle, of the amusements parks and head out to enjoy a day surrounded by the lush nature, and exotic wildlife, of Orlando, Florida. This trip is perfect for those whom love the outdoors and appreciate the many offerings of nature, and wildlife.

Upon arrival at Wekiwa Springs you will first need to make a stop at a pay box and pay a very small fee for entrance. This will also serve as your parking pass throughout the park. Once inside, next you will want to decide upon which adventure to explore first. We suggest the order of walking the nature trails first, renting a kayak, or canoe, next and then finally a dip in the warm mineral springs of Wekiwa Springs State Park.

At Wekiwa Springs there are numerous nature trails in which to explore. These trails are perfect for fitting in time to exercise will on vacation as well as for educating your children on the nature, and wildlife, of Orlando, Florida. While on your walk expect to see various types of tree (including palms), plants, and animals such as; rabbits, squirrels, birds, raccoons, deer, opossum, bobcats and much more. Also provided to guest of Wekiwa Spring State Park is a concession stand for foods and drinks.

Next up on your exploration of Wekiwa Springs is a kayaking, or canoeing, adventure on the river. At Wekiwa Springs State Park, guests are welcomed to rent kayaks, and or, canoes in which to use for hitting the river. Also provided are vest for each rider and the suggested age for kayaking is 5 and older and canoes are safer for young children 2 and up. While on the river, plan to see various fish, crabs, turtles, pelicans, seagulls and much more.
The final stop on your exploration of Wekiwa Springs is a relaxing dip in the warm mineral springs of the Wekiwa River. No matter the weather, this is an adventure you can enjoy all year round because the water is always warm. Bring along rafts and floaties for the kids, and dive right in. The water in the spring has been known to calm, and heal, the mind, body and soul.

When vacationing in the Orlando area, next year opt for spending a day at Wekiwa Springs being a part of the nature and learning about the geography of Florida.

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