fun things to do in orlandoFinally, a water-soaked experience in Orlando that doesn’t involve a theme park with a lazy river. Orlando’s newest I-Drive attraction–the aptly named DRIP–is specifically geared for the 21 and older crowd, especially those who appreciate interactive performance art. Located at 8747 International Drive, which is walking distance from the Orange County Convention Center and right behind I-Drive staples Denny’s and Señor Frogs, DRIP invites visitors to immerse themselves in a visual and auditory experience that includes an explosion of colored sand, raining paint, flying water, and strobe lights–all set to a cranked up live musical performance. DRIP bills itself as an “industrial dive bar” and in keeping with the artsy theme; beers are available in a choice of bright colors–yellow, orange, blue or red. Wine is available as well–but how many times does one get the chance to toss back a blue beer? Visitors are asked to sign a waiver acknowledging that they are fully aware that they might get wet at DRIP, as they stand in a circle watching dancers writhe around the “stage.” In fact, the entire inside of the building is considered to be a “splash zone” so casual “grunge” clothing and well worn shoes highly recommended. T-shirts are also sold on site to capture a bit of the free flying art. DRIP’s music is composed by the music director of Blue Man Group, which is a nationally known and well established show at Universal Studios Orlando, and like any many staged productions tickets can be purchased in advance—there are only about 100 spaces available for this 50 minute show. Tickets are $35 at the door but there is a discount for ordering them online at www.ilovedrip.com by using the promo code RAWCOLOR. In order to make this already intimate experience as interactive as possible, there are no seats at DRIP–much like having front row tickets to a rock concert, guests remain standing the entire time. In a city best known for its theme parks, abundant stroller parking and far from edgy entertainment, DRIP is a unique experience for Orlando tourists and residents alike who are used to a “soak zone” that involves a killer whale. Visitors who appreciate performance art will definitely agree that “DRIP is it.” View more photos: Watch the video:

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