Green Travel Tips For Family Fun

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Green Travel Tips For Family Fun!When it comes to green travel tips for the whole family, you might be stumped as for ways to make your next vacation a little more environment-friendly. After all, traveling with your kids in tow can be stressful enough – so how can you go that extra mile to make green travel easy and educational for your children?

By using these ten tips, that’s how!

1. Teach your children to always turn off the lights when you’re staying in a hotel. Make a game of it by challenging your kids to see how many appliances and lights they can turn off before leaving for a day out. Your kids will be excited to meet the challenge, and they’ll learn a valuable lesson about conserving energy.

2. Packing can be a hassle. However, if you teach your kids to pack light, you’ll not only help ease the process – you’ll help them lighten the travel load. A lighter pack equals better gas mileage on planes and in cars. Try packing clothes that dry easily, or outfits that can be worn more than once.

3. While staying at the hotel, teach your children to turn off the faucet while they’re brushing their teeth. Give them plenty of praise when they do so.

4. Try to emphasize to your children just how important it is to recycle. Like with conserving energy, make it a challenge for your kids to identify the many ways they can recycle while on vacation. For example, you could return maps and brochures after you’re done using them, or keep empty water bottles to fill them up the next day. Be sure to give your children plenty of praise for all of the wonderful ideas they come up with, as they’ll be inspired to continue doing so.

5. When buying food, try to stay as local as possible. When doing so, let your children know why it’s so important to buy local. Tell them about the many farmers and grocers who work hard to provide the food.

6. Going on a family hike? Teach your kids to say on the trail so they don’t crush plants and other native growth. Let them know how important the plants are to preserving the health of the woods.

7. When booking your tickets, see if you can donate money to offset your carbon emissions. Be sure to let your kids know why it’s so important to do so. In fact, challenge them to see if they can come up with any ideas that will help offset their own carbon emissions.

8. Why not swap driving for biking? It’s a great way to spend plenty of time with your family while offsetting your carbon emissions, plus you’ll get loads of exercise. Don’t forget that biking will let you explore your surroundings in a way that driving never could!

9. For families with older kids, staying at a working farm offers a great way to travel green while learning valuable information about the environment. Not only will your children get the opportunity to learn how their food grows, but it’s much easier on your vacation budget!

10. Finally, if you have to rent a car, make it a hybrid. Be sure to let your kids know why you’re renting hybrid, as they’ll appreciate being a part of such an important mission to travel green.

With these family-friendly vacation tips, you’ll not only travel green – you’ll save plenty of it!. You can get more tips from Go Green Travel Green

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