Airlines at Orlando International Airport

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airlines serving orlando international airportOrlando International Airport (OIA) is one of the most tourist-friendly airports in the country, with a Hyatt hotel inside the airport, gift shops representing all of the major theme parks, and enough domestic and international airlines to attract visitors from around the world. OIA has two terminals—A and B—and is a major hub for Southwest Airlines in Terminal A. Most international flights arrive and depart through Terminal B, although some airlines based out of Canada or Mexico can be found in Terminal A as well.

The following airlines can be found at Orlando International Airport:

Aer Lingus (Terminal B)
AeroMexico (Terminal A)
Air Canada (Terminal A)
Air Transat (Terminal A)
Air France (Terminal B)
AirTran (Terminal B)
Alaska Airlines (Terminal A)
American Airlines (Terminal A)
Avianca (Terminal A)
Bahamas Air (Terminal B)
British Airways (Terminal B)
CanJet (Terminal A)
Caribbean Airlines (Terminal A)
Continental Airlines (Terminal B)
Copa Airlines (Terminal A)
Delta (Terminal B)
Edelweiss Air (Terminal A)
Frontier (Terminal B)
VOEGOL (Terminal A)
Interjet (Terminal A)
JetBlue Airways (Terminal A)
Lufthansa (Terminal B)
Miami Air (Terminal A)
Southwest (Terminal A)
Spirit Airlines (Terminal B)
Sun Country Airlines (Terminal B)
Sun Wing (Terminal A)
TACA (Terminal A)
TAM Airlines (Terminal A)
United (Terminal B)
US Airways (Terminal B)
Virgin America (Terminal A)
Virgin Atlantic (Terminal A)
Viva Aerobus (Terminal A)
WestJet (Terminal A)
Whitejets Airways (Terminal A)

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